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Suicide Prevention and Self-harm

Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life. It is sometimes a way for people to escape pain or suffering.

Self-harm is any deliberate, non-suicidal behaviour that inflicts physical harm on the body and is aimed at relieving emotional distress. Self-harm is a coping mechanism. An individual harms their physical self to deal with emotional pain, or to break feelings of numbness by arousing sensation.

Suicide Prevention & Self-Harm

The Suicide Care Pathway and the Self Harm Pathway have been revised to include the referral route into the new Bee U Service.

If you have concerns that a young person has suicidal thoughts intentions and/or plans you must follow the steps laid out in the Suicide Prevention Care Pathway.

Access the Self-Harm Pathway, Policy & Guidance which includes guidance and tools for practitioners working with young people who are self-harming.

An information leaflet for parents & carers with support services for those who self harm can be accessed in the Related Media link on the right of this page.