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Compromised parenting


'Compromised parenting' is a term used to describe situations when parents' capacity to safeguard and appropriately care for their child(ren) is limited, (or compromised), due to the following factors:

Domestic abuse
Substance misuse
Parental mental ill health

Some of the key findings of the 293 Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) studied in detail from the Pathways to Harm, Pathways to Protection: a triennial analysis of serious case reviews 2011-2014 are:
Domestic violence was present in 54% of cases
Substance misuse was present in 47% of cases
Mental ill health was present in 53% of cases

"Substance misuse, domestic violence and parental mental ill health pose significant risks factors for children. Previous reviews have emphasised that it is the combination of these factors which is particularly toxic". Brandon, Bailey & Belderson