For information regarding Safeguarding issues and responses during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Covid-19 & Safeguarding Children

There is a great deal of information available in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak already and the impact it has had on every part of our daily life, not least frontline services such as health, social care, police, and education.

We have put a dedicated page in the hope that it provides a single point of access for anybody who is needing to seek information and resources in relation to safeguarding children and young people whilst the outbreak is ongoing and the measures remain in place from the UK Government.

Given how quickly the situation is progressing the information detailed on this page is subject to constant review and change. If you would like to share any resources or information that is not covered in the detail below please email:

The Shropshire Safeguarding Community Partnership (SSCP) is meeting regularly with partner agencies to assure itself of their safeguarding response during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result of, and in order to support, the extraordinary pressure and challenges being placed upon our multi-agency partners to manage the current impact of COVID-19 in Shropshire and our bordering areas, the SSCP have reviewed the need for and means of conducting all future meetings and multi-agency training provision.

For the foreseeable future, in order to respond to social distancing guidance and minimise travel and time, meetings arranged by the SSCP Business Unit will be set up using virtual conferencing capabilities through Microsoft and Skype communications.